[news]K16 LED HEADLIGHT



    l  Applied with Philips light source, LUXEON Z ES. Lamp beads packed with thin film flip technology, no gold wire, had improved the function performance of LUXEON Z ES in high current and high temperature use.

    l  LUXEON Z ES only has 2X1.6mm emitting surfaceproviding unprecedented color consistency, brightness and luminous flux density. Better compact beam angle, higher luminous efficacy, ideal for automotive lighting source. Use 3 pcs lamp beads arrangement with 2 emitting surface design, same as original halogen emitting area(4.8x2mm), light beam pattern has equivalent effect as halogen bulb.

    l  Ultra-light effect, ultra-low thermal resistance, exceeded Energy Star standards.

    l  Light body heat dissipation all in one design, 360 degree heat groove: Double-sided copper PCB board+ High thermal conductivity aluminum+ Copper mesh cooling, perfect thermal design.

    l  Applied with newest copper mesh thermal system, with powerful thermal and heat dissipation, had solved overheat burning problem of LED headlight that caused by fan malfunction.

    l  Copper mesh requires smaller space, optionally bent in different directions, coupled with small size cooling pad, suitable for all car types.

    l  Quick start, reach 100% brightness when start up, with incomparable start response rate than HID.

    l  Stationary base separate from light body design, easy to installwith removable stationary base adaptors, it can be changed to different base for separate use, lower the stock pressure.

    l  Ultra small size driver design, connected with light source, easy for installation.

    l  Complied with IP65 waterproof and dustproof standards(Don’t put lamp beads emitting surface into the water, because LED is directly exposed.)

    l  In line with EMI anti-interference requirements, external canbus relay can pass the car computer system.


    l  Input Voltage632VDC/AC

    l  Input Current2A/13.5V

    l  Output Power22W

    l  Output Lumen2400LM

    l  Color Temperature2200K6500K optional

    l  Work Temperature-45+85

    l  Lifespan>10000 hours

    l  Anti-electromagnetic interferenceS95/54/EC

    l  Non polarity

    l  Output short circuit protection

    Model Type

    l  H7/H8/H9/H10/H11/H16/5202

    l  9005/9006

    l  D1/D2/D3/D4

    l  H4HL/9004HL/9007HL/H13

    Product Design


    Product Dimension

    H7       H4

    Removable Bulb Base



    LED Headlight Kit Contents

    l  LED bulbs(Driver included)2 pcs

    l  Nylon cable 4X20 4 pcs