OEM China supplier H1 H3 H4 H7 H11 H9 9005 9006 12v 35w ballast all in one hid kit
EKLIGHT® hid canbus pro ballast is able to supply 23600V high voltage to the bulbs. With high igniter voltage, our ballast can fit all different quality hid bulbs, even very old bulbs still can light up well with EKLIGHT® ballasts. Most other companies ballasts only 18000V, though it also can light up some cheap bulbs. the brightness is weak, and has risk of make bulbs light off sometimes. it is dangerous.
EKLIGHT® ensure each ballast with real power of 35-38W. The more powerfull watt will help drivers to have bigger brightness when drive on the road. If you like more brightness at 35W hid kit, I'm sure EKLIGHT ballasts will be your best choice.
EKLIGHT® smart ballast is able to work properly during -40℃. Most other cheap ballasts only can do -15℃ at most. So from above test report, we know EKLIGHT hid xenon ballast is fit most cold temp. country like Russia, Sweden ...etc. And you will never worry about any environment that will effect hid kit performance.